7 things I learned at Day 1 of the Skoll World Forum

Student and star bloggers gear up for the day

1. Don’t over-think, just write.  This was tip number one at today’s blogger meet-up – so I’m embracing this philosophy to hack out a quick post before the evening events at the Skoll World Forum continue.  The Forum bloggers had a chance to meet, share top tips, and remind one other of our important role of getting what’s happening inside out to you all. We also learned that readers are more likely to read posts that have a list of “non-rounded” items, such as 13 or 7.  So I arbitrarily went with 7, which I am positive is why you are still reading.

2. Always carry more business cards than you think neccessary. How have I run out already?

3.  The state of microfinance is complex, ethically challenging, and border blurring.  The fanastic opening panel asked tough questions, and offered often contradicting views on where the movement/industry of microfinance is going.  What they did agree upon, though, is that it will continue to be a wild ride.  (See live stream of enitre Opening here)

4.  No need for your inside voices at the Forum — it is loud, boisterous, and bursting with energy.   It makes the forum a hive of activity (as expressed by Skoll Associate Fellows Erica Mackey and Beth Richey) but also a terrible place to capture a noiseless video (sorry!):


5. No matter where you sit at a dinner or a session, you will enjoy your company.  At the Skoll World Forum serendipedity is on your side.

6.  The Forum is an untapped resources of ideas.  And the next two days will be showcasing some of these brightest innovations to make sure they don’t stand locked away in our community. As Stephan Chambers said in the Opening Plenary,  “We need to know in public what we know in private”.

7. Baaba Maal rocks.