And they’re off! Welcome new students!

It’s been a busy summer here (sorry for the lag on the blogging!) but we’re back in action! It’s the first week of term for the new MBAs and the halls are buzzing.

We’re welcoming new students with an exciting opening to social innovation – 2 days of conversations with alumni, faculty, practitioners, and of course, one another, about social entrepreneurship in action.  If you based here in Oxford, do join us; if you are following along online, we’ll keep you posted here and on Twitter with some of our favorite soundbites.

We’re particularly excited to welcome Mark Lynas (Author, The God Species),  Marc Koska (Founder, Safe Point), and Shai Reshef (Founder, University of the People), first timers to SBS.

From auto-disable syringes to a tuition-free online university, from recycled firehouse fashion products to sustainable bio-fuel production, we’re sure they’ll be lots to discuss and debate.   Looking forward!