Goodbye Michaelmas. Hello Hilary.

What better way to kick off a new term here at the Skoll Centre than to celebrate the highlights of the previous one! A few top highlights of the 2011 Michaelmas Term:

  • Days of Conversation on Social Innovation:  Over half of the MBA class joined us for a vibrant kick off to the year. We gathered to talk about the mega-trends and global challenges of the future, advice and the business opportunities these present. Entrepreneurs and academics alike weighed with their perspectives about how to use markets to create social and environmental value.
  • Emerge 2011: The Emerge Conference did it again!  It connected university students aspiring to drive transformational change with current global change-agents leading.  We had a packed house and welcomed over 60 international speakers over the weekend.
  • The Associate Fellowship Programme:  In its third  year, viagra the Associate Fellowship programme supports leading students across Oxford University working at the forefront of social entrepreneurship. We selected our 2011-2012 cohort this autumn, and gathered for our first retreat to plot what we and the world will look like in 2020.
  • The Skoll Centre Speaker Series: Social Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs covered everything from waste collection to at-risk youth to BOP access to health care.  These engaging, practical discussions raised some great questions and maybe even provided steps toward the answers too.

So until next year Michaelmas Term, we at the Skoll Centre say farewell!  And to Hiliary Term, we offer a warm hello and say get ready for making and sharing more highlights!