Beyond Better: How Do We Know We’re Changing The Status Quo?

Nikhil Nair

Nikhil Nair

Current Skoll Scholar and Oxford MBA student Nikhil Nair gives his perspective on the Skoll World Forum seminar session ‘Beyond Better: How Do We Know We’re Changing The Status Quo?’.

“We cannot stop at changing a pattern, we need to change the mind-set” said Bill Drayton, founder of Ashoka. Entrepreneurs are going beyond just fixing a isolated problem, they are looking at the system as a whole and try to create a solution that are looking at fixing a larger systemic problem. Systemic problems are very complex, but social entrepreneurs are tough minded optimists that ask themselves the question “if not now, when? If not me, who?”

Moderater Jeff Kohoe asked Sally Osberg about her experience at the Skoll Foundation. Sally explained one part of her job as taking the DNA of a successful entrepreneur, and replicating that DNA into social minded entrepreneurs that are trying to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

Beyond Better: How Do We Know We’re Changing The Status Quo? Heather Mason

Nandan Nilekani spoke about his project based around creating national unique identification numbers/cards for every citizen in India. As of today India has 800 million unique identifications issued, and this is expected to reach a billion people by end 2015. This is by far the largest project the world has seen with respect to national identifications. This initiative is changing the status quo by creating a platform that can now take healthcare services, financial services, government subsidies and other benefits directly to the millions of people in India.

Social entrepreneurs are constantly pushing the boundaries of possibilities by managing the tension between all the resources and various stakeholders. Unlike in the days where leaders were defined only by their followers, today leaders are thinking about change together with various other collaborators. Such movements around the world are pushing for a much-needed mindset of change rather than just a pattern change.