Tackling Heropreneurship

Author: Daniela Papi-Thornton

Skoll Centre Deputy Director, try Daniela Papi-Thornton, search recently launched a report called Tackling Heropreneurship. It focuses on tactics for funders, educators, and individuals to shift practices to move social impact initiatives away from a focus on “the social entrepreneur” to a focus on positive social impact. The report is broken into three sections:

  • The current status of heropreneurship: A look at what is currently happening in the education and financing of people to want to “be” social entrepreneurs, where these trends are leading us, and the disconnect between how social change happens and how it is taught. Sections include:
    • An obsession with being an entrepreneur
    • Solution-focused education
    • Skewed views of how social change happens and “scales”
  • Where do we go from here? Ideas for how we might shift our educational and funding offerings to help people apprentice with a problem, tools for creating new conversations about social change, and tips for questions that might better align our actions with improved collective impact. Sections include: 
    • Valuing the Lived Experience
    • The Impact Sweet Spot & Apprenticing with a Problem
    • The Impact Gaps Canvas
    • Rethinking Business Plan Competitions
    • Shifting Funding & The Collective Impact Question
  • Life maps: Illustrated stories of the lives and career paths of nine people, some who apprenticed with a problem, some who wished they had, and some who built upon their lived experience to add value in intrapreneurial ways.

The report includes information about how the Skoll Centre has shifted our offerings over the last few years to try to incentivise and celebrate a range of social impact roles, not just the entrepreneurs, and our focus on helping people “apprentice with a problem.”

To read the full report, please visit www.tacklingheropreneurship.com