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Student Treks: A week in the Bay

We’re pleased to welcome guest blogger Patrick Keenan, MBA ’10-11.  Along with dozens of his classmates, Patrick traveled to Silicon Valley over spring break with the Oxford MBA trek to experience the region’s entreprenerial energy first-hand.  The post originally appeared on Patrick’s blog. Trickling into the Carlton hotel one Oxonian after another. It was Sunday […]

The Search for the 2011-2012 Skollar class continues

Peace and quiet.  Yes, it’s the time of year we cherish here at Said Business School:  spring break. While we love our students, there’s no denying that their departure for spring break means catch up time for us.  Sigh. Breath. Repeat.  It also means we can reflect on all the activity of the last 2 […]

Radha Basu shares insights on frugal innovation

Last week, the Centre had the pleasure of hosting Radha Basu at SBS as part of our year-long Speaker Series.  She spoke to us about her work in frugal innovation, and if you are new to the term (like many of us were) it’s a simple, brilliant concept. Rather than adapting products for emerging economies, […]

Inspiration, Instigation, Imagination

Another Skoll World Forum has come to an end.  Looking around the business school on Monday, you’d have no sense of what descended upon it a mere few days earlier.  Delegates are gone,  corridors are cleared, Forum posters stripped down, students long departed for spring break. So when all is gone, what lingers? Perhaps the […]

7 things I learned at Day 1 of the Skoll World Forum

1. Don’t over-think, just write.  This was tip number one at today’s blogger meet-up – so I’m embracing this philosophy to hack out a quick post before the evening events at the Skoll World Forum continue.  The Forum bloggers had a chance to meet, share top tips, and remind one other of our important role […]